Dance Videos with Mrs K

Hi everyone at Buckstones, especially Year 6. Here is a dance tutorial for your Year 6 Leavers Dance to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. Learn the dance, fast forwarding and rewinding as you need, then when your ready send a video to school so we can put all your dancing together.

Year 6 ‘Happy’ Tutorial – VIEW

Year 6 ‘Happy’ Dance – VIEW


Was in school the other day and myself, Mrs Leavy and two Year 6 girls had some fun performing a short routine during playtime – VIEW

See if you can learn it and send me videos xxxxxx


Hi everyone, hope you all staying safe! It was suggested by a parent that I do some dance videos, not only for my dancers on a Friday after school, but for everyone at Buckstones to join in. Over the next couple of days I will video and attach the dances we have already completed in my Friday sessions for both the Infants and Juniors. As time goes on I will break these dances down for others to learn if they wish to join in. I will then add new dance tutorials with new songs and new moves! It would be great if you could e-mail videos of yourselves performing these dances to Let me know in the e-mail if your happy for it to be uploaded on this page for everyone to see. Enjoy and have fun!

Little Mix – Bounce BackVIEW

Tones and I – Dance MonkeyVIEW

Dua Lipa – Don’t Start NowVIEW

Jonas Brothers – What a Man Gotta DoVIEW

(I apologise the Tutorials are in 3 parts, but the video was just too big to add as one):-

Jonas Brothers – What a Man Gotta Do – Tutorial Part 1VIEW

Jonas Brothers – What a Man Gotta Do – Tutorial Part 2VIEW

Jonas Brothers – What a Man Gotta Do – Tutorial Part 3VIEW



It’s lovely to hear you are enjoying the dances, I am beaming with pride. Here are some videos and photos that have been sent in:-

Video 1 – VIEW

Video 2 – VIEW

Video 3 – VIEW

Video 4 – VIEW

Video 5 – VIEW

Video 6 – VIEW

Video 7 – VIEW


Photo 1 – VIEW

Photo 2 – VIEW