Dance Videos with Mrs K


Hi everyone, I have made up 2 short dances for our Rainbow Fest Treat Day, to Little Mix ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ and Anne-Marie and Niall Horan’s new song ‘Our Song’. I’ve focused on the chorus and so they repeat. Have fun!!!

Little Mix ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ – TOTORIAL

Little Mix ‘Heartbreak Anthem’ – DANCE

Anne-Marie & Niall Horan ‘Our Song’ – TOTORIAL

Anne-Marie & Niall Horan ‘Our Song’ – DANCE



Hi everyone at Buckstones, it’s Mrs K here and I hope you are all safe and well! Whilst we are in this second lockdown, I have been asked to bring back my Dance Videos. I have made up a new dance to Little Mix, Sweet Melody, but in the meantime I still have the old dance routines, so you can remind yourselves of the dances if you learned them the first time, or start teaching yourself if you didn’t get chance last time. I hope you enjoy them and they make you feel energised. This can be part of your PE and exercise in an afternoon, or can be a way to get you up and motivated in a morning, either way, just have fun! 

Little Mix – ‘Sweet Melody’ – TUTORIAL

Little Mix – ‘Sweet Melody’ – DANCE



Here is a dance tutorial we did for our Year 6 Leavers 2019-2020. The Dance is to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

Year 6 2019-2020 ‘Happy’ – Tutorial – VIEW

Year 6 2019-2020 ‘Happy’ – Full Dance – VIEW


Little Mix – ‘Bounce Back’ – Full Dance- VIEW


Tones and I – ‘Dance Monkey’ – Full Dance – VIEW


Dua Lipa – ‘Don’t Start Now’ – Full Dance VIEW


Jonas Brothers – ‘What a Man Gotta Do’ – Full Dance – VIEW

(I apologise the Tutorials are in 3 parts, but the video was just too big to add as one):-

Jonas Brothers – ‘What a Man Gotta Do’ – Tutorial Part 1 – VIEW

Jonas Brothers – ‘What a Man Gotta Do’ – Tutorial Part 2 – VIEW

Jonas Brothers – ‘What a Man Gotta Do’ – Tutorial Part 3 – VIEW