School Council

January 2024

In the Autumn term we have been discussing eating healthily as a school and what better way to promote healthy eating than to speak to our councillors.
This month we interviewed Tommy, Ivy and Mirren about keeping happy and healthy.
Tommy says he enjoys many different types of food. A typical lunch would be for him a tuna sandwich, carrot sticks and a bag of crisp. Tommy also mentioned how much he had enjoyed ‘Bikeability’ at school. He says that he has learned how to ride safely on the road, especially when coming from minor to major roads.
Mirren enjoys lots of sports and in particular she loves football. Mirren loves her breakfast and says if you eat healthily and well it can really affect how you feel about things.
Ivy loves to swim, but she loves horse riding the most! Her lunchbox consists of yoghurt, an apple, a ham and cheese sandwich and water. No wonder she has so much energy!

We wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy 2024!

The School Council



November 2023

The School Council have been discussing eating healthily as a school and reducing waste. Next week is Protecting Our Planet Day, so we have included in our newsletter some tips for re-cycling at lunchtime.

Why not wrap your lunch and snacks in paper instead of plastic?

1) Instead of packing your lunch in plastic bags, use reusable containers, cloth sacks or greaseproof paper.

2) For snacks at break and treats at lunch, ask your parents to buy things like nuts, cereal and dried fruit in bulk. You can store them in glass jars for when you need them – this way, you’ll avoid the plastic-packaging that individual snacks come in.

3) You can also simply pack a piece of fruit as a snack, such as an apple, banana, or orange — no plastic wrapping necessary!

4) Rather than buying bottles of water or juice, carry your water or squash in a reusable flask.

Thank you,
The School Council



October 2023

The new team have been voted in by their classmates and have made a great start to the school year. They are a very keen bunch and I’m definitely looking forward to working with them this year.

Our first meeting was an important one, where we met each other and introduced ourselves.

Our first task was to discuss ideas for eating healthily in school to support the health and well-being of all children.

At the end of this half term we have decided to donate the money raised to the Little Princess trust as a girl in Year 5 inspired us with her amazingly generous act of donating her hair.
If you would like to find out more about the trust and what Ava has done please look on the link below. 

Keep checking our page to see what other things we’re discussing this term.


Mrs Tetlow