Year 1

Year 1 had a great time this term completing a traffic survey on Hillside Avenue on a very cold day! They have used the information to make their own pictograms. Also in Maths Year 1 have been carrying out a weighing investigation looking at heavier than or lighter than objects. They worked amazingly well in their teams.

As part of our Geography on the UK, the children have made their own compasses, which are proudly on display in the classroom.

We also took photos of Year 1 having a great time with our Athlete visitor Naomi Ogbeta. She took them through their paces of star jumps, press ups, spotty dogs and leg drives. They loved every minute of it! Thank you to everyone for their sponsor money.

They have also been studying space for their topic work and the children have created their own planets and split-pin astronauts.

The children have worked so hard and earned their 10th spaceship, so were rewarded with a treat afternoon out on the bikes and playground equipment. We managed to fit this is on a fine day after all the bad weather we’ve had!