Year 1


WELCOME BACK! We hope you have all had a lovely summer break and have been able to get back to some sort of normality – going on holiday, catching up with family & friends, enjoying the sunshine etc.

Here’s to a fun term in Year 1 – we’re looking forward to working with the children and watching them grow during their time with us in Year 1 😇

Year 1’s  updates

 Tapestry – If you haven’t already done so, please could you register for Tapestry (Buckstones Primary 21 account). We have found that keeping in touch with home is easiest via Tapestry.

 Hope everyone has had a lovely half-term 🙂 Please see Tapestry for notes re. PE kits / lost property.

Please see Tapestry for this week’s spellings and homework tasks.

If you haven’t already done so, please could you consent to your child attending the whole-school panto trip in December (see ParentMail for details).


Important everyday information:

BOOK BAGS – Could we ask that your child brings his/her book bag to school every day?

UNIFORM – Please could you make sure your child’s belongings are clearly labelled – especially kits, jumpers / cardigans, shoes and coats.

PE/GAMES KIT – Children only need an indoor and kit now please (see Y1 parental information booklet); these will stay in school. It is *really important* that children have the correct kits in school; if not, they will unfortunately not be able to take part in PE lessons.

HOMEWORK – General homework (green folder) and spellings homework (red folder) are usually given out on Tuesdays, ready to be handed in the following Monday. Weekly spellings have not yet come home – please look out for these coming home in a few weeks. Please could we ask that once they come home, red and green folders are both kept in your child’s book bag, ready to be handed in on a Monday morning? 

🙂 Many thanks for your co-operation! 🙂


Year 1 Curriculum

Across the Curriculum – our topics for the Autumn Term:

  1st half term 2nd half term
Science Ourselves and The Senses

Seasons topic ongoing throughout the year


Around our School (Local Area)


Weather topic ongoing throughout the year


Art / DT Painting / Colour (Art)

 A Home for Teddy (DT)

RE Introduction to Christianity

Christmas Gifts




All children will be exposed to maths every day, through a range of practical and real life activities. The children will continue to work on their number recognition and counting skills.

We are currently having a big ‘push’ on number formation. It really is so important that the children can form their numbers correctly. Please could you take some time to practise these at home with your child?

This term we will be focusing on the 4 main number operations. The children will have many opportunities to use practical equipment to support them with their learning and will also begin to record their calculations and discuss new strategies that could be used to solve problems, find solutions and reach answers. 

Lots of our work will be investigative. We encourage you to practise maths skills at home with your child. Look for numbers around the house, count the stairs, help pay for items in the shop… maths is everywhere!

Useful maths-related info from your parental information pack:

MATHS Number Formation Tracing Strips

MATHS Number Formation 1 To 20

MATHS Useful Maths Websites Y1

MATHS Y1 Criteria Number, Place Value, Calculation And Fractions



Year 1 is such an important time in your child’s learning journey, in that they are still learning how to read and write.

Reading and phonics are key pieces of the Year 1 learning jigsaw. For children to reach their full potential, it is so important that they read at home as well as in school. Could we ask that you try to listen to your child read for around 5-10 minutes each night if possible? Please continue to read books from home as well as school books. 

If you haven’t already checked out Oxford Owl, please take a look! It is a lovely resource which has a library full of e-books relating to the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. Class login details are at the front of your child’s reading record book. These ebooks can be used to supplement home reading should you wish to use them.

Useful reading-related information:

Spring Reading Challenge Minis

Phonics is at the heart of all of our English learning in Year 1 – we need phonics to help us read and spell. As such, our daily small-group phonics sessions are an important part of our day. In Years 1 and 2 we use the Letters and Sounds programme in conjunction with Phonics Play for our daily phonics sessions.

The aim is to make phonics fun so we play games and sing songs to help us with our phonics learning. Please see top of this page for further details.

Useful phonics-related information:

PHONICS Phase 2 Phonemes And Tricky Words Desk Mat

PHONICS Phase 3 Sounds And Tricky Words Desk Mat

PHONICS Phase 4 Initial Blends Mat

PHONICS Glossary Of Terms

In Year 1 we aim for all children to become confident and independent writers. To achieve this we have a big focus on correct letter formation as well as phonics.

We choose texts and topics carefully to engage the children and make writing both purposeful and fun. 


This term we will look at several well-known stories and traditional tales with repetitive patterns and phrases.

Throughout the term the children will be supported to speak and then write in complete sentences using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 

Useful phonics-related information:

WRITING Letter Formation Mat Curly Caterpillars Etc.

WRITING Uppercase And Lowercase Letter Formation

WRITING Y1 Writing Criteria 20 Stars2

WRITING Y1 Grammar Booklet 2020

Your class teachers are Miss Platt (Mon.-Weds.) and Mrs Tetlow (Thurs.-Fri.). 

At next week’s meeting for Year 1 parents, we will hand out our Year 1 parental information packs. It gives you an idea of what Year 1 is all about! We hope you find it useful. If you have any questions about any aspects of your child’s school life, please do come and ask.

The Year 1 Team




Across the Curriculum – our topics for  the SPRING Term:

  1st half term 2nd half term
Seasons topic ongoing throughout the year



The United Kingdom, including London

Weather topic ongoing throughout the year

Art / DT Printing (Art)

 Moving Pictures (DT)

linked to London topic

RE Introduction to Islam

Across the Curriculum – our topics for the SUMMER term:

  1st half term 2nd half term
Science Unit 8 In Upk - Lessons - Blendspace Unit 8 In Upk - Lessons - Blendspace
Seasons topic ongoing throughout the year



Download Free png Globe Pull Material Free, Globe Clipart, Globe, Geography PNG Image ... -

World Geography – Hot and Cold Places

Weather topic ongoing throughout the year

History Free Rosa Parks Clipart, Download Free Rosa Parks Clipart png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library

Rosa Parks & Annie Kenney

Art / DT Flying Pencil Vector Images (over 2,400)

Sketching (Art)

Fruit Salads (DT)

RE Belonging to a Faith Community Sacred books and stories