Emotional Health and Well-being

This is a useful resource with some helpful links to help support yours and your child’s emotional well-being at home.

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing

Here are some activities which you may wish to complete with your children at home. They are designed for children aged 5 to 9 but you might find them useful if you have a child in the upper juniors too. They should take around ten minutes each and would probably be most beneficial if they were completed on different days.

Relaxation Activities

Distraction Activities

Ways To Feel Better

Worry Jar

Staying Connected

Our Feelings Diary

Feelings Chart

Dealing With Change

Creating A Routine

Coping Toolbox

If you are discussing coping strategies with your child, help them to follow these Golden Rules;

  • It makes me feel better or improves the situation
  • It doesn’t hurt me or anybody else


Check in on your childs well-being

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Useful Links Re. Emotional Wellbeing

Resource List Wellbeing

Coping Calendar

5 Ways To Wellbeing If Self Isolating

Guidance From Educational Psychology For Parents Supporting