Buckstones Chicks 2022

On Monday 13th June, we received a VERY special delivery… 10 brown eggs in an incubator!



We carefully watched and waited… and on day 3 we came into school to find FIVE little chicks that had hatched overnight!



Later that day, we watched the most AMAZING thing happen… another chick hatched right infront of our eyes!

                                           Watch the chick hatch by clicking here!



By Thursday, we had NINE little chicks, six makes and three females (you can tell the difference because the yellow ones are the males and the browner/orange ones are the females).  The children have absolutely loved looking after and caring for the chicks (as did Mrs. Pearson’s children who helped to look after them over the weekend)!



The chicks have now been happily rehomed with one of our school families, the Seniors, who have looked after chickens for many years. We are so lucky that our chicks have gone to such a good home to be looked after 🙂