Support for Families

Signpost to Support

The main point of contact is our We Can Help helpline available on 0161 770 7007.

We Can Help:

If you are in need of emergency support the following are available:
 Household Support Fund – phone 0161 770 7007
 Local Welfare Provision – phone 0161 770 5468 or apply online
 Oldham Foodbank – phone 0161 622 1061 or email
 Citizens' Advice – phone 0300 330 9073

Warm Place Locations

For more information about where Warm Places are located and how you access them please speak to the school office.

Information can also be found on-line here

School Uniform

Below is a link to a Facebook page set up to help anyone who needs school uniform, specifically for Oldham schools. We also have a small amount of second hand school uniform, please speak to the office about this.

Free School Meals

With the cost of living crisis hitting families harder than ever, we would like to ask all parents to apply for Free School Meals using the link below:

The criteria for Free School Meals is ever changing, so it would beneficial to both the school and the pupils to spend 10 minutes making an application.

Please also inform the school if:

Your child has previously been in some form of care and has since been adopted or placed into a child guardianship order.
Your child has a parent currently serving in the armed forces or receiving a pension from the Ministry of Defence.


Children and family benefits:

Below is a link to a benefits calculator.

Additional Support

Get Oldham Working:

Help paying for childcare eligibility checker:

Money Helper Service The free government-backed MoneyHelper service

School Readiness

Online Solihull Parenting Courses (worth £100) aligned with best parenting
practice is free to use for anyone in Oldham.
Parents, carers, grandparents, and staff can access the resources by entering the
passcode: DAISY into this web page:

This May help – This is a new national initiative providing mental health advice to
parents and carers who have concerns about their child’s mental health: