Year 2

Year 2 have been studying symmetry in Maths. The children have created symmetrical t.shirts, painted symmetrical plates, designed symmetrical patterns on the peg boards and with elastic bands, coloured in symmetrical patterns and folded shapes to find the number of lines of symmetry. Continuing with Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes. The children have created their own dice from nets, then played snakes and ladders with them. They have made their own 3D shapes out of straws and played a game called ‘Shape Sorter’. We hope you can tell from the photos how busy we have been in class.

We had a triple jumper called Naomi Ogbeta visit the school. The children absolutely loved doing their work out with her. She was very motivational and as you can see the children worked hard. Thank you to everyone who sponsored the children to raise so much money.

In PE the children have been creating shapes with their bodies in mas many different ways as they can, both individually, in pairs and also as groups. We have some very flexible children in our class!