Year 2

        Year 2 | Carnforth School

The Year 2 Spring Curriculum

Here is an overview of the topics we will be covering in the Spring Term:


Stories based on the life of a fictitious character Katie Morag on the Isle of Struay (Isle of Coll). 2W English Mon 6th – Description of Katie Morag | Broad Heath Primary School

Songs and Repetitive Poetry

Dinosaur Poetry

Non-fiction reports based on dinosaurs.


Read time to the quarter of the hour2, 5 and 10 Times Tables Mat (SB9060) - SparkleBox

Name and compare units of time

Estimate and measure length using m and cm

Find halves and quarters of shapes and amounts

Find 2/4 3/4 and 1/3 of shapes and amounts

Add and subtract two 2 digit numbers using a 100 square

Add and subtract two 2 digit numbers by partitioning

Begin to use column addition

Recognise multiples of 2, 5 and 10.

Begin to learn the 5 times table

Understand multiplication as repeated addition and arrays

Begin to divide by sharing and grouping



A study of the human and physical features of the Scottish Island of Coll, compared with the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia.

Coll Nature Reserve, Argyll & Bute, Scotland - The RSPBSaint Lucia's Official Tourism Website | Let Her Inspire You

Religious Education

We will be thinking about the following questions:

Who is an inspiring person?

Which stories inspire Christians and Muslims?

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Easter: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Biblica - The  International Bible Society



Kindergarten Weaving Craft - Simply KinderThe process of weaving

Experimenting with paper weaving and wool weaving


Design Technology

A study of the use of wheels and axles in real life

Children to make a winding mechanism in connection with our topic on Katie Morag.



Our Land:

The children will explore timbre and texture as they listen to and explore descriptive sounds and perform music inspired by myths.


Children develop a sense of a steady beat using their own bodies. They will respond to music with a steady beat and play rhythmic patterns on body percussion and instruments.


PSHESafety at Home | Teaching Resources


Different ways to cope with the changes in life

How to keep safe at home

How to get help in an emergency



Interpreting and presenting data in pictograms and bar charts

Create graphs from data collected

Use and create pictograms

Understand what is meant by a binary tree

Design a binary tree to sort pictures

Understand what is meant by a database and use a database to answer simple and more complex search questions






Telling the Time

Here is the link to the Telling the Time Game:

Click on the link and scroll down and click on the picture of the bear in the bowler hat!! Then click the PLAY button.

Choose from Levels:

1) Read the time to the hour

2) Read the time to the hour and the half hour

3) Read the time to the quarter hour

Feel free to have a look at telling the time to the 5 minutes, but remember we will not be covering this in school until later in the year. Some of the children have been showing me that they can already do this!!


Maths Homework

Friday 1st October.

Hello there!

Please find the link below for the game Hit the Button. When you open it up, please select the green button ‘Number Bonds’, then have a go at

 Make 10

 Addition within 10

 Missing numbers (+ and -)

Autumn Term 2021

Curriculum Newsletter

Hello Everyone!

We hope you have had a lovely summer and enjoyed being with family and friends again. We are really looking forward to working with your children this year. Here is some information about the topics we are covering this term. Other information about day to day life in Year 2 will be given out as soon as possible.

Here is a typical week’s timetable:


English BREAK Maths Phonics LUNCH Reading Activity PSHE Music Story
Tuesday English BREAK Maths Phonics LUNCH Reading      Activity Science Science Story
English BREAK Maths Phonics LUNCH Reading      Activity R.E/ DT History/  Art    Geography R.E/ DT History/      Art Geography Story


English BREAK ICT Phonics LUNCH Reading      Activity  



Golden Time Story


Maths BREAK P.E Phonics LUNCH Reading      Activity R.E/ DT History/ Art Geography Good Work Assembly Story

Topics to be covered this term:


healthy living

Our Science topic this half term will be ‘Growth and Health. We will look at a variety of animal life cycles, then explore the changes that happen to human babies, toddlers and adults as they grow, as well as looking at what it means to have a healthy lifestyle We will also discuss the importance of exercise in our daily lives.

History Topic 1

Our first History Topic is all about Remembrance Day. Hopefully we will be able to visit the war memorial in Shaw to pay our respects to the soldiers who have given up their lives in war. Red Poppies Stock Photo - Download Image Now - iStock

History Topic 2

World of child labour was essential to Bolton's mills | The Bolton News

In History we will be finding out what life was like for a child in Victorian Shaw,                                                 including working in the mills, going to school and day to day activities                                                                          in the home. Victorian Kitchen | LAWRENCE HOUSE



Oldham News | News Headlines | Market mayhem for Shaw - Oldham Chronicle

Our Geography work will be based on the town of Shaw. As well as researching the variety of human and physical features of the local area, we will be studying local maps and drawing our own representations of the town.


Design Technology

In DT we will be looking at different types of puppet. The children will then have the opportunity to design and make their own hand puppet.

6 Wild Animal Hand Puppets - Childrens School Story Telling Puppets Toys | eBay


Maths Homework | Inskip St Peter's C of E (Aided) Primary School

Here are some of the concepts we will be studying this term. More details to follow.          The children will learn to:

  • Read, write and order numbers to 100
  • Know what each digit in a two digit number represents and partition two digit numbers into tens and ones.
  • Extend understanding of addition and subtraction.
  • Recognize the use of a symbol to stand for an unknown number.
  • Begin to know by heart all addition and subtraction facts for each number to at least 10.
  • Add 10, 20 or 30 to a 2 digit number and add 11 or 12 by adding 10 and adjusting.
  • Describe and extend simple number sequences.
  • Estimate, measure and compare lengths in centimetres and metres.
  • Name and describe common 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Read the time to the half hour and quarter hour
  • Begin to learn facts for the 10 times table.
  • Find halves and quarters of shapes.


  • Stories in familiar settings
  • Instructions and recipes
  • Letters
  • Poetry: list poems, shape poems, repetitive poetry

A Lion in the Meadow : Mahy, Margaret: Books

Dear Teacher: Husband, Amy: 8601200482874: Books





Religious Education

In R.E this term we will be trying to answer these questions:                                                Tell Me the Stories of Jesus by Caleb Crider

Unit 1: Stories of Jesus

What would Jesus do? What do stories of Jesus tell Christians about how to live?

Unit 2: Celebrations

Who celebrates what? How and where? (Focus on Islam and Christianity



Musical Notes Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures

Unit 1: Ourselves

The children will discover ways to use their voices to describe feelings and moods. They create and notate vocal sounds, building to a performance.

Unit 2: Toys

The children will move and play to a steady beat and to sound sequences. They learn to control changing tempo.


All of the Feelings: Emotional Diversity Linked to Health | Psychology Today South Africa

With the help of Zippy and his friends we will be looking at how to recognize and name different feelings. We will look at different things we can do to manage our feelings, particularly during times of change or loss.

We will then look at what keeping healthy means; about how physical activity, sleep and good hygiene routines are important. Then we will learn how to recognize risk in everyday situations and what actions we can take to minimise harm.


In connection with our History topic we will be exploring the work of the local artist; Helen Bradley, in particular looking at her industrial landscapes of Oldham.

Lot 320 - Helen Bradley, Fred Walmsley's Concert Party,


We look forward to getting to know you and your child over the next few weeks. If you have any problems or would like to ask any questions please come and speak to us at the Infant door or phone the office to make an appointment.

Mrs Joyce, Mrs Leavy and Mrs Harding