Year 2

Year 2 had a very special visit from Mr Plater, the curator of ‘Dinostar’; the dinosaur museum in Hull. He brought some amazing artefacts with him, including the leg bone of a Triceratop, a fossilised dinosaur egg, the claw from a Tyrannosaurus Rex, teeth from various dinosaurs, a footprint from a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the incredible skull from an Allosaurus and much more! We had a great time making plaster casts of a variety of fossils, doing relief rubbings of fossils and pretending to be palaeontologists by digging for pieces of amber and sharks’ teeth. The children really impressed us with the level of questions they asked Mr Plater. We think we have a few dinosaur experts of our own!

Year 2 have also had an amazing Katie Morag day. The children created their very own Katie Morag Winding Mechanism, they made Grannie Island Porridgies and they danced beautifully to Mr Horrocks playing his accordion. The children looked fantastic as Katie Morag characters. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day!

We also experienced the most amazing Science Day. Adrian from Travelling Science came to visit and demonstrated some wonderful experiments that had us amazed. The Year 2 children then created their very own bubble mixture with washing up liquid, water and sugar. They made their own blow stick using a straw and a pipe cleaner. Some of the bubbles were huge! They also watched chromatography take place by colouring kitchen paper with felt tip pens and then dipping it in water. They also watched a plate of skittles create the most beautiful pattern by adding some water. In addition they watched the ‘M’ on a M&M separate and float to the top of the water and also a home made lava lamp. A wonderful day had by all!

What a busy term Year 2!!!!