Year 4

Hello everyone, welcome to our class webpage. This year, we will using this page to share important information for children and parents as well as sharing what we’ve been up to in class. Please check back regularly for updates.

If you are self-isolating at home, your work is on Google Classroom in the Home Learning class 


In Year 4, you will need to practise your times tables at home pretty much every day for a few minutes to make sure they stick in your brain. TTRockstars is just one way to do this but it’s a really fun one. Click the link below to get to it. We will also be using Google Classroom for some of our homework this year. I’ve put a link to that below too.


 Learn your tables!


Parents, please make sure you have access to Tapestry because your child may want to share their work with you sometimes.

This Week’s Homework

Homework 2nd December 2021


Times tables practise. Please practise your current target times table each day and spend some time revising the tables you already know. If you know all of them, revise all of them. It would be really helpful if you played TTRockstars too as then I can see how you are getting on.



Write a diary. Choose one or both days (one if there’s a lot to write about, two if not) over the weekend to write about. Try to write in paragraphs and think carefully about full stops and capital letters.





What are we up to in Year 4?

Here’s some information about what we’re currently learning in Year 4

English: Our English topic at the moment is stories with historical settings. We have been focussing on how to help the reader to imagine the setting by including lots of details that let them know when the story is set.


Maths: Our maths topic is currently measures. We have been learning about converting units of length (mm, cm, m and km) and now we’re applying this knowledge to finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.


Topic: We are currently doing a Design Technology topic. The children have designed their own Christmas decoration which they have to sew. We hope you like them.




We’ve been learning about rounding numbers to the nearest 10. We put 4 digit numbers on a massive number line in the hall and then rounded them to the nearest 10.