Year 4



PE this half term is on;

Wednesday 15th June – Outdoor

Thursday 16th June – Outdoor

Then for the rest of the term, it will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays (both outdoor sessions) We will not be having any indoor PE at all.

Homework 7th July 2022

This week your maths homework is to create symmetrical patterns using the tiles on the sheet you were given. You can choose which sheet you do, the hexagon one is more challenging so I think most of you should do that and you can do the squares one as well for extra practice if you like. You can record the homework by taking a couple of photos and sending them to me on Tapestry or you can ask an adult to write that you did the homework in your reading journal.

Your English Homework is spelling sentences. Choose 6 spellings and then write a sentence for each one. Use a fronted adverbial (with a comma) for each one if you can as well as using a conjunction in each sentence.

Here’s the games from last week if you want to carry on playing them:

Go on Twinkl Go

and then type in the passcode which is FF9657.

Here is a handy list of fronted adverbials in case you need them

T L 4647 Fronted Adverbials Ks2 Word Mat List Ver 7

Diamonds Spellings Summer half term 2:



What are we up to in Year 4?

Here’s some information about what we’ll be learning in the second Summer half term:

English: Stories which deal with a dilemma; different styles of poetry such as kennings and limericks; persuasive writing.

Maths: solving problems with decimal numbers, including measures; telling the time and solving problems with time; (especially identifying types of quadrilateral)

History: The Anglo Saxons

Science: Living things and Their Habitats, Electricity

We have been learning about states of matter. Here we are pretending to be a solid, a liquid and a gas. Can you tell which picture is of which state of matter?