Parent Afternoons – Writing

On Thursday 3rd November parents came to visit all the classes and worked with their children on different writing activities.

Welcome to the Year 6 Class Page

Year 6 children have investigated which materials are the best reflectors of light. To do this they had to construct a ‘light tunnel’, a simple cicuit for the light source and carry out a fair test. They had some results which surprised them e.g. that sandpaper was a better reflector than they originally thought.

Year 6 were investigating properties of number. They built multiple towers with their partners. They then had to reason which colour code another group had used and replace the towers in thew original position.

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page

Year 5 have been busy baking shortbread biscuits as part of their DT. They were in business teams and had to aim to make the most profit based on a careful business plan. They considered price, toppings, design, customer service and made the biscuits with top hygiene standards. All the children behaved sensibly throughout and we are very proud of them all.

Their profit will be partly donated to a charity and partly used on resources/ equipment to help Year 5 at school.

Welcome to the Year 4 Class Page

Year 4 have been studying the artwork of L.S.Lowry. They have been learning about the colours that he used and have been painting an outline of one of his pictures.

Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page

Year 3 had a visit from two parent governors to give them some information on basic first aid. Mrs Singleton and Mrs Parker made the session informative and fun (using old mobile phones to call 999!) They were shown how to deal with a burn at home when a parent was out and then practised calling the emergency services and learning what information they would need to know.

Wednesday was a busy day making healthy sandwiches in Year 3. All the children had designed and then made their own sandwich. Once they had evaluated it, they ate it! Have a look at some of the excellent designs. Many of the children had excellent sandwich making skills.Well done to ALL of them.

Welcome to the Year 2 Class Page

Year 2 have settled in so well. We have attached some photos for you to see as they join in their Health and Fitness Club with Mrs Joyce on a Tuesday after school.

There are also some photos of the children playing a maths game. The children had to guess what added up number would be rolled with 2 dice. The children loved it and started to realise which numbers were more likely to win!!!

Well done Year 2, we are proud of you all!

Welcome to the Year 1 Class Page

We’ve had a wonderful time desiging and making our own fruit salad pizzas in Year 1. We’re sure you’ll agree from the photographs that the pizzas looked fantastic, and the children certainly enjoyed eating them afterwards!

The children continue to work hard on their number bonds to 10 and they also had great fun outside collecting leaves, ready for writing their own patterned ‘Autumn Leaves’ poems.

In P.E. they have been learning about moving across the benches in different ways, dismounting in unusual ways and creating a final pose. We have some very talented children at Buckstones.

Keep up the great work Year 1! 

Welcome to the Reception Class Page

The Reception children have settled in so well. They have enjoyed exploring all the new things in their new Reception Class. They have made and played with new friends. When the weather permits they have explored our outside area, playing in the water and sand.

We have some future chefs in our class too. The children have loved playing in the kitchen and making meals and drinks for teachers, teddies, dolls and their friends.

A wonderful start to the school year. Well done to all of the children in Reception.