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Monday Spellings English BREAK Times Tables Maths LUNCH Reading Music Physical Activity
Tuesday Spellings English BREAK Times Tables Maths LUNCH Reading Geography Physical Activity
Wednesday Spellings English BREAK Times Tables Maths LUNCH Reading Art/Geog Physical Activity
Thursday Spellings English BREAK Times Tables Maths LUNCH Reading PSHE Physical Activity
Friday Spellings English BREAK Times Tables Maths LUNCH Reading RE Physical Activity

*This is a sample timetable for a typical week during Lockdown.


These are just ideas of activities you can do. Everyone is different so please don’t worry if you can’t complete all the activities. Also, if you are unable to print work out, just answer the questions straight into your workbooks.

If you need to re-order the day e.g. if you want to do the LIVE PE with Joe at 9am instead of 2.15pm please feel free to do so (on a daily basis only).

Year 5 🙂

Week 13.07.20 – 17.07.20 (Final week of Y5)

Thank you to those of you who have updated me on Tapestry. I would love to see more updates 🙂

If you need anything you can contact me on there.

I can’t believe that this is the last week of  Year 5. In September we will get the chance to spend some time together in person but this week we will be holding a Year 5 Zoom party  YAY (see below for more info and Tapestry).

I am SO proud of how well you have continued to work during the lock down. You are all stars!  

Some fun activities and suggestions for this week are below- you all deserve it. Have a great fun-filled week!

Miss Rooney



Thank you to those of you who have sent your buddy letters already. I have received some wonderful letters so far 🙂

If you have not sent it yet, please do so ASAP. Remember that you are Y5 going into Y6 so it needs to be of a good standard as we want to make a good impression! 🙂

Parents: Can I ask that you attach the letter as a word document if it is typed up (if possible). That way I can open up the document and it will be much larger when printed. (Don’t worry if not as I can still print but it will just be smaller)

To attach a document, scroll down past media and select add files then save after it has uploaded.

Year 5: Don’t forget that although you are writing in simple vocabulary, you should still be showing how well you write (in punctuated sentences). Please also mention the fact that you are going to be their Year 6 buddy in September or they might be a little confused!  Finally, it is a letter so make sure you structure it as a letter:

To ____ ,






From _____

 The following list is a series of suggestions of what you could do throughout the week. You can do them in any order you wish or maybe you have your own ideas. (Twinkl has several ideas for all of these areas.)

A Year 5 Zoom Meeting is going to take place on TUESDAY at 11am so we can all see each other again before the end of the year. You might want to send your class mates a message, tell us what you have been up to during Lockdown OR show us your pet if you have one (please do).  I look forward to seeing you! (Details of the zoom meeting will be posted on Tapestry.)

At some point (hopefully Friday), we will have a picnic lunch outside – weather permitting!!

Monday 13.7.20

Transition Activities:

Time to get prepared for next year with Mrs Adamson. You could complete this transition booklet from Twinkl e.g. T2 T 16804 Uks2 All About Me Transition Booklet Ver 1

If you send the booklet to me via Tapestry, I will pass it onto Mrs Adamson 🙂

Make a series of Top Ten lists: Top Ten Favourite Sports/Songs/Games etc.

Draw/paint a self portrait and write information about yourself around it.

Jot down a list of all of the things you should be bringing into school independently each day in Year 6.


There are some maths and English fun activities in the booklets below if you want to complete some of these:

Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet Answers

Year 5 Summer English Activity Booklet


Tuesday 14.7.20

ZOOM PARTY at 11:00am (check Tapestry for the invite info)

Art Day:

Look at these beautiful flowers and the work of Georgia O’Keefe.

See Twinkl for a range of resources based around the art of Georgia O’Keefe:

Use the powerpoints, information sheets, comprehensions etc. to find out about the life of Georgia O’Keefe. 

Then you could use the Photo pack to draw flowers in her style.

 Georgia OKeeffe Perspective Activity Sheet


Georgia OKeeffe Drawing Activity

You could choose one and create a collage or painting. Perhaps you could use flowers from your own garden. You could take photographs and use the zoom function to get a close up, then create it in your own style using Georgia O’Keefe’s work as inspiration.

Wednesday 15.7.20

Sports Day: 

Have fun with different sports, exercises and sports related activities.

Y5 children who are in school should come in their PE kits – prepare for the weather!

Sports: running (long distance/sprint/shuttle runs), quoit discus, egg and spoon, bats/balls (number of consecutive times ball is kept in the air with the bat), hula hooping, star jumps, plank etc.

Record your starting result and try to improve this to a personal best.

Look at Twinkl for a range of sports day themed activities. e.g.  Design a new sport, design a new football strip, mindfulness colouring sheets, design a set of medals – Gold, Silver and Bronze, word searches etc, maths mystery problems, comprehensions etc. 


Thursday 16.7.20

DVD/Film Day:

Prepare some snacks (popcorn etc) and get ready for film day!

Choose one or two of your favourite U-rated DVDs/films.

Afterwards, you could write the plot of each story in just five sentences or in 150 words,  write a film review, draw the main characters, design a new costume for one of the main characters.

There are lots of resources to support these ideas on Twinkl. 


Friday 17.7.20

Fun Day with a picnic outside (weather permitted): 

Play board games or card games e.g., Monopoly/Scrabble/Snap/Patience (7 or 8 card)

Develop a new board or card game.

Word Puzzles – e.g., word ladders, crosswords,

Number Puzzles – e.g., cross-numbers, Sudoku

Mindfulness Colouring (free resources on Twinkl)

Listen to some of your favourite music.

I hope you have had a wonderful last week 🙂

Enjoy the summer holidays and I look forward to seeing you in September!

Miss Rooney 🙂


Work from previous weeks

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Home Learning For Week Of 27.4.20

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Spelling Revision:

Year 5 Common Exceptions

Common Exceptions Year 3 And 4 Fish

Y3&4 Word List Record

Here are some extra activities that you might wish to do:

Covid 19time Capsule

50 Things Activity List

Website Links

You may have also seen in the news that the Government are providing daily lesson plans for each Year Group, delivered by ‘The Oak Academy.’ The BBC are also providing daily online lessons for each Year Group. You may want to dip in and out of these to supplement the work on the website. Remember, these are just suggestions for further ideas. Please do not worry if you do not use them.

Espresso (Discovery Education) – open to all year groups

Login details are on Tapestry

Oxford Owl – open to all year groups

No login details needed

Purple Mash – open to all year groups then Click on Find my School to find Buckstones.

TT Rockstars – Years 3 to 6

Individual logins have been sent home.

Click on School login, then Student. Wait. Login page should then appear. – Years 5 and 6

Individual logins have been sent home.